Geneva Motor Show

May 9th, 2015 Posted in News

The smallest of the Kia is renewed completely and in Geneva will show all their cards. Keeping the name Picanto, the South Korean firm has made a much more complete urban that stand out for their attractive aesthetics and new low-emission engines. Outwardly the 2011 Picanto not revolutionizing, but yes it very balanced from any angle, betting on dyes slightly sports. How novelty can be purchased with three-door body, even if by now only we have seen of five. Inside the jump in quality is remarkable, and as regards the design we find certain parallelism with the Sportage in some controls. The new range can be purchased with up to four different engines, although depending on the country come one or the other.

The smaller engine is a 1.0i of three cylinders, with 69 HP. Initially feeds with unleaded gasoline, but there will be versions adapted for the use of ethanol E85 and LPG. Above the 1.30 16v 85 HP already known will be placed in the Hyundai i10 (of the Kappa family).According to the data declared by Kia, CO2 emissions ranging between 95 and 105 g/km, with very tight combined fuel consumption. For Europe, there is the possibility of incorporating the ISG (Stop & Start) system, series in some countries. As regards the gearboxes, series will include a five-speed manual, offering optionally the automatic four.The available equipment of series for the moment is not defined, but in Kia ensures that they may incorporate – according to versions – optical LEDs, keyless, starter button, System climate control automatic, up to seven airbags, etc. For more details you will have to wait at the Geneva Motor Show, which will open its doors in March. Original author and source of the article

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