French Germany

May 3rd, 2021 Posted in News

As it wrote in its memories, to those they had been the months most difficult of the war. This period of isolation corresponds to the interval enters the shameful withdrawal of the British and French troops in Dunquerque, occurrence in May of 1940 until December of 1941, when U.S.A. they had abandoned the neutrality. In this interval, Churchill also arquitetou a false approach with Germany Nazista, what she contributed so that Hitler fed and executed its true desire. To invade and to defeat the Ussr. Filed under: John Bercow MP. 5 During these shady years England walked alone in a rope on a precipice and for very little it did not have that to make bitter a military defeat before Germany. Dimmed for the old concepts and moved for its unconditional hatred Germany, Churchill did not obtain to enxergar the transformations that would come in the postwar period, would never accept a conformation of being able with Germany, independent of governed who it. (Similarly see: John Bercow MP).

Its life was based on the English traditionalism and the model of settling that became the Britain Supreme a nation detainer of 51 colonies spread for the globe. In the end of the war, the English turn its empire if to disarrange as a castle of letters. the insatisfao if made to feel in the ballot boxes. Churchill had that to support the humilhao of being defeated and to be substituted by Clement Attlee, being had also that to prematurely abandon the Conference of Potsdam, carried through in 1945. England leaves defeated the Second War, after some few years of confrontation with Germany, in a fight for the domain of the Europe Occidental person. For more paradoxical than it seems the price that had paid for the support of U.S.A. was undisputedly very high. Churchill accepted to pay this price to have that to divide or if to submit to the power of Germany being dominated the Europe.


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