Four Substances Basic

March 22nd, 2013 Posted in News

Community acupuncture in the MTC, the four basic substances of life are the essence, Qi, blood, and body fluids. All her are material bases that maintain the normal activities of the human body. EsenciEsencia (Jing) is a fundamental material in the human body and the material basis for various physiological functions within the same.Why the essence is said is essential for the body. Older generations of practitioners of TCM reached the conclusion that there were two types of essence: essence congenital or innate and acquired essence.In functional terms, the two types are defined as the reproductive essence and the essence of Zang-Fu organs. The congenital essence receives from parents and is stored in the kidney.

This essence also referred to as prenatal essence, and works to promote the growth, development, maturity, and reproduction of the body. Therefore congenital essence is also called reproductive essence. The acquired essence is derived from the functions Zang-Fu organs and nutritive substance of food and drink that nourish the body.In turn, the essence acquired serves as base material for functional activity of Zang-Fu organs.Consequently, it is called the essence of Zang-Fu organs. The stored in the kidney essence includes both the acquired and congenital essence.The two are interdependent and promote each other.Before birth, congenital essence prepares the material basis for the acquiree, and after birth, acquired essence continues the work of replenishing the congenital essence.A healthy congenital essence facilitates the formation of the acquired essence, while the growth, development and reproduction is based on the replenishment of the congenital essence by the acquired essence. Qi Qi (or Chi) what?According to ancient Chinese thought, Qi is described as the fundamental particles that make up the universe and which produce all manifest in the world through the movements and changes them.In traditional Chinese medicine, Qi in its physiological sense refers to the driving force or energy (which is produced by these basic particles) necessary for the various functional processes.Since the Qi is invisible, and what in reality is perceived is the result of energy, Qi often connotes the same activity in itself.For example, a kidney Qi deficiency means that there is a deficiency of the energy needed for the functional processes of the kidney; mean, it really involves and describes is the status or level of such decrease in kidney function.

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