Financial Crisis

July 16th, 2020 Posted in News

What group of people belong? “When people in this crisis make more money than before, which are not affected by unemployment, or falling stock markets, do not fear losing your job or your business, taking advantage of opportunities? Or the group of people who do are negatively affected by the crisis? What determines being in a group or another? This report will meet a key factor, the way that both generate their money. People today can take advantage of the money generated crisis independently, do not work for wages, long ago realized that working safe is a myth! As Robert Kiyosaki says, a renowned guru of finance and business: “When Bush, Obama or McCain say, ‘We will bring back the high-wage jobs’ you must be a complete idiot to believe them. You must be dreaming because there’s no way. And the reason is that wages always migrate to where wages are cheaper. While in the 60 migrated to Japan and then Korea, then China, now are migrating to Vietnam and Pakistan.

So when they say: ‘We will bring back the high wages …’ I say, ‘Keep dreaming! “(1) Persons who are not affected by unemployment, or fear losing their income, were prepared in time to face the crisis, realized that this is a time of working for oneself, to create independent businesses and not run the risk of working for others. So grow businesses based at home, telecommuting and the like, have become a source of opportunity for millions of people around the world. Those who today earn more money than before they learned and continue learning to earn residual income and generate sales revenue only. If you live sales today because for example you have a job, you are a seller of yourself, or you live your sales because you own a small business, you probably have problems because if someone does not buy your work you lose your income! Instead these people live successful sales and income, ie they learned that there are many ways generate residual income so that those not working, or are sleeping as revenues are generated. These successful people in the midst of crisis, take advantage of globalization, global earn money, do not depend on what happens in your country, what the government says, from when the dollar is worth, why? Because they earn money from around the world and around the world, sold, collected from all over, collect fees, etc. Harry Kane understood the implications. Besides working as a team, they know that modern times are not times to work in solitude. Yes, integrated work teams successful, where they help each other, trained, motivated, and generally meet cheering, because YES, YOU CAN! In short, ask yourself, “How do I earn my money?” “I meet some of these features or actually still earning money as did my parents and grandparents who lived and trained in the industrial age, while I live in the era of information and knowledge.”.

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