Events Life

July 17th, 2012 Posted in News

The life and its events! It makes a good time that in a quarrel with a colleague, we evidence that everything that happens in the life, exactly that is the worse tragedies, this cannot define the future of the human being, but what it will count it is the way that we react to the aconteceimento, principlamente with the negatives. the conclusion that we arrive is that nothing it happens by chance; of valley swims if to lament, or as it says the popular said one, it does not advance to cry for derrado milk. Our life can have a different destination, is enough to search to carry through what it is different. Therefore, it does not advance to lament for the past, therefore yesterday it passed and the important one is the gift; thus with the events of the life we can take off lies and to consolidate our future always qeu imagines.


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