Entertainment in London

August 3rd, 2016 Posted in News

A fanatic of the films and a lover of the cinema generally, the festival of London cinema 2010 cannot be lost. The Festival of Cinema of London 2010 offers to the visitors a variety of films for all the tastes of the lovers of the seventh art. If it thinks to visit London and some of their places of interest, like the cinema of Chelsea, could plan well their visit to remove the maximum party to the next festival from London cinema. It is the best way to enjoy the tourist attractions and monuments of London. The Festival of Cinema of London 2010 offers to the visitors a variety of films for all the tastes and in different languages, for which they feel a special attraction by the French cinema, Spanish or English.

The program contains largometrajes that treat different subjects, from the sentimental ruptures to Facebook, happening through international cities like Shanghai. During the event films in a great number of places will be exhibited, including the cinema Curzon de Mayfair. The fans to the cinema will have the opportunity to see one selection of new British films, like Mandelson: Real The p.m.? , about the politician of the labor party Peter Mandelson; Patagonia, of Marc director Evans; Edge, for which they like the drama; The Arbor, for the fanatics of films documentary type; and Fire in Babylo, for the lovers of history in the films, among others. In order to obtain more data it exceeds what to see and to do in London, this tour guide of London consults. As far as the international supplies, the cinfilos have much where to choose. Between the exhibited films Is Wish I Knew de Jia Zhangke and Imani de Caroline Kamya are included, besides a captivating story of the impact of social means in Catfish. While capital is in, interest asegrese of not to lose places of more famous, as Tower Bridge and Tower of London with his famous jewels of crown, mazmorras and where it is said that some times it is seen walk to queen Ana Bolena, beheaded in 1536 by order of King Enrique VIII. It either does not stop visiting the swap-meet of Candem Town, where it can enjoy a behind schedule pleasant one making shopping and enjoy common and the little diverse store that offers this recognized place to him in London.


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