England Percentage

November 15th, 2016 Posted in News

Left in England would have had to keep the rest of your life. Or do you think after a few years, going to sincerarte with everyone you know? Imagine what would have been their reactions? I had turned my face. And you would have chosen to leave the village. It is likely that if he consulted a psychologist, he'll say you were wrong, you should have addressed the situation. It is very easy to give advice in such cases. But I am sure that another psychologist, with another school, I would say you did the right thing. Who first had to prepare your child to cope with the situation and that is what you've been doing all these years.

Wait until you're ready. I guarantee that if you did a survey among many people, you know it or not, and find a percentage of people who would say that you should have told the truth, but another percentage strongly support your decision. And if you would, would accept for the valid responses were better percentage? Think about it in any other circumstances of your life and ask yourself this question: would you take the decision as he would have chosen the most? What would you do, Alex? Think carefully and answer me. Or would you take the decision according to what you mark your own convictions? Answer me, I'm waiting for your answer I guess would not make a personal decision basing on the opinion of the majority. I've never done under any circumstances in my life.

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