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Spitz (wolf, big, medium, miniature, dwarf) Spitz – excellent companion dog. Very smart, loyal to his master and his family, vigilant and distrustful of strangers, which makes them good guards. They are very intelligent, easily trained and quickly learn to perform various tricks. Spitz love movement, long walks, swim happy, cheerful and full of life and remain so until his retirement. like bark, mainly in order to attract the attention of the beloved master. They are sociable and friendly and get along well with other dogs and animals. This long-lived dogs.

Spitz hardy and undemanding. Coat them requires a relatively simple routine maintenance. Characteristic of wool Spitz is that it never falls off. Today, a variety of colors and growth options Spitz provides greater freedom of choice to fans of these dogs. Spitz are divided by color and by size.

The oldest breed, which had all started breeding work should be regarded as the Wolf-Spitz, who is still a large number of divorces in mountainous areas, especially around Elberfeld, Dusseldorf, Aachen, Krefeld. In size and coloration in Spitz is currently divided: 1. Big Spitz (decorative): a) a wolf coat, b) black c) white g) brown. 2. Small Spitz: a) black b) brown c) white g) orange, e) with the wolf's coat, e) with a different color. Pomeranian. During the reign of Queen Victoria Spitz in the 70s of the XIX century from Pomerania came to England where he began work on the dwarf form Spitz. Originally these dogs were white, but then in vogue orange and sand colors. In 1891 was created by the English club pomeranian, was developed and approved breed standard. Dogs were divided into two categories: up to 2.5 kg over 2.5 kg. In 1915, the English club has ceased to allow pomeranians on the Dog 3.6 kg heavier. There was a new name for them: "Pomeranian Queen Victoria." Once in America, Pomeranian (in modern form) has become one of the most popular dog breeds. In 1909 the club was founded Pomeranian America. In England, were poluchenykarlikovye Spitz "Sable" in color, as well as orange and red and orange. Pomeranian – the smallest of the Spitz, but the strength of character he would not give the big dogs. Pomeranian bold, decisive, self-sufficient, but he is cheerful and buoyant. Spitz Small puppy – it's a miracle, from which it is difficult to withdraw. It's funny fur ball, who is always ready to play with his master, and participate in all family matters. Spitz puppy in color is rarely just the same color as an adult Pomeranian. Very often, the puppies are born gray, often with black hair. Adult Pomeranian coat will wear until 12 months, at the same time and acquires its true color. Pomeranian Puppy now!

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