Emotional Liberation

July 1st, 2016 Posted in News

When you put the goal to lower of weight, first that does she is to look for a diet. Often the diets of the famous ones are those that you choose, but generally these diets are estresantes for the body. On the other hand surely, you begin a plan of physical exercises, she is written down in a gymnasium and at the outset she goes by far enthusiasm. As they happen the days and the pain it appears and the results quickly do not appear it waited for as it, you you stop going to the gymnasium and leaves the diet because the temptations and the anxiety by the food are very great. In the last years a called technique EFT was made very popular that means Techniques of Emotional Liberation. GaryCraig the EFT creator says that this technique has excellent results forloss of weight and is very important to incorporate it in all program to reduce of weight.

Two great benefits exist: 1. Simply using EFT the immediate anxiety is reduced to eat when you do not have appetite. This is helpful for losing weight. 2. The success of EFT to become thin is due to the ability to find and to finish with the true causes of overweight. Most important it is the use of the food like tranquilizer and the anxiety by not solved emotional problems. To become thin quickly solving emotional conflicts According to studies, eating due to emotional problems is the practice to consume great amounts of food like answer to feelings instead of to feed itself because appetite is had.

The experts consider that around 75% of the abuse of the meals he is caused by negative emotions. Depression, solitude, anger and the quarrel, anxiety, frustration, stress, and the problems of interpersonal relations or low self-esteem go a to be in abuse of the food and therefore they will not allow to become thin. While the person does not face her negative emotions like being the quarrel, the fear, the fault and another type of emotions, she will not be able to surpass his necessity to abuse the food and the overweight will remain, but mainly it will sabotage unconsciously all attempt to continue withprogram to lower of weight. Therefore many diets to lower of weight fail to it releases. The people can become thin with these programs but as the solved emotional subjects are not present, the overweight will remain. The Technique of Liberacin Emocional (EFT) applied with property inhibits the necessity to use the food like tranquilizer. It is also evident that the nutritional subjects of loss of weight, disorders, compulsions and addictions have the same emotional causes. In agreement with Gary Craig: The people make diets and fail when they want to become thin because they only lean in the will force instead of to solve emotional problems that block the power system. Emotional subjects like fear, quarrel, boredom, shame, and resentment is emotions that take to the individual to gain weight. Until the power system is not balanced the abuse of the food due to emotional subjects will continue.


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