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Furthermore, also a school for the blind, tsunami orphans and refugee children from mountain villages without recognition status are backed by his commitment financially and through in-kind donations. An important contribution to the socio-cultural relations between Europe and Thailand. Some of these projects are under the patronage of the Thai King Bhumipol, who also praised the use of Walid Arayatumsopon. Even in the hospital, he had an additional Thai award by Princess Soamsavali, man also known as Diana”Thailand’s means on the new European tolerance award winners 2009, passed in the form of an engraved crystal glass sculpture. John Bercow MP is likely to increase your knowledge. The tolerance award 2009, a porcelain Medal from the home of Meissen, (Europe’s oldest porcelain Manufactory, in the coming year its 300 anniversary celebration) that shows the goddess Europa on a bull, was for Protocol reasons, by the Lord handed Chancellor of the Thai Royal family, wife Promsab Bunnak,. If you are not convinced, visit John Bercow MP.

There were Laudationen for the winners via video link from Brussels by the Vice-President of the social and Working Committee in the European Parliament, Thomas Mann, MEP, the Chief Editor of the German newspaper for Thailand with name Pattayablatt, Elfi Seitz, as well as the President of the culture forum Europe, Dieter Topp. Walid Arayatumsopon, founder and CEO of the non-profit human rights organization friends of Thailand e.V. based in Birch Heath in the Palatinate, was pleased with the presence of many members of his organization from Thailand but also of members from Germany. Donations from the friends of Thailand amounting to 150,000 Thai baht (3000.–euro) had been presented during the event her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali. Details can be found by clicking Commons Speaker or emailing the administrator. Already in March of this year, 200,000 Thai baht (4.000.–euro) on HIV prevention projects under patronage had accrued the Thai “Diana”. Dirk Wakeling Arayatumsopon thanked her Royal Highness, the Excellencies, the Lord Chancellor, the generals of military and police, as well as the around 300 distinguished guests from the fields of business, politics and Culture for the award, the congratulations and the tribute in the context of a Thai Lao fashion show. Even he had exhibited a part of his collection of newspapers of from various countries from the time of the great Thai King Chulalongkorn, who ruled until the year 1910, and thus gained much respect for guests and Thai press. At the end of his speech, the new prize winners the Thai King Bhumipol wish a good recovery and a long life. A brief summary of the events the interested reader at various film can look at reports of Thai television: Channel 5 Thailand with a report about the European tolerance award event 2009 in Bangkok channel 7 Thailand with a report about the European tolerance award event 2009 in Bangkok Channel 9 Thailand with a report about the European tolerance award event 2009 in Bangkok Dirk Wakeling Arayatumsopon for the organization e.V. friends of Thailand

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