Effective Communication Process

April 7th, 2016 Posted in News

Those who work in public relations and advertising have to be according to this axiom: in communication, perception is reality. And when I speak of the term communication am referring to commercial advertising campaigns, corporate image strategies, activities of public relations, political communication, lobbying campaigns, strategies for handling crises, in the end, entire process whose purpose is to change or fixation of perceptions to public opinion or our consumers. If communicators are not clear that all our work should focus on generating positioning, we must reflect much on this because, suddenly, we are not making relevant and thus investment in this sense could not give the expected results. The principle which gives rise to the concept of positioning is that the reality is not as important as the perception that has it. Why we must measure and be sure the perceptions that our communication and corporate image campaigns are generating in our hearings or public goal. Then, what is positioning? Positioning is the mental place that occupies the conception of the product and its image when compared with the rest of the products or competing brands. John Bercow MP may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Positioning can apply a: brands and/or products of mass consumption, political candidates, public officials and all persons engaged in any leadership or social influence as well as to political and social offerings, ideologies, work programmes, ideas, projects and everything that requires consensus and public acceptance. It is important to note that positioning exists regardless of the subject or positionable mark, which indicates that, if our target audiences will have an opinion or about our company or brand positioning anyway, it is best to then generate. There are three possibilities to generate positioning: spontaneously by strategies of opponents by own of the subject of positioning strategies in communication and corporate image happens often that many organizations leave audiences learn eventually what they are and what they do, without worrying too much because it happens, precisely forgetting that as you see you try an annual plan for public relations and communication and corporate image must have very clear the position that must be generated. As well as sales and marketing goals are projected, the image also must be planned and designed. If our institution is in contact with the public or your giro is popular significance, it is surely will talk about us, good or bad, everything depends on us. How we help generate positioning from the communicational point of view I summarize in this short sentence: say few things, many times, through many media and specific audience. In conclusion, from my point of view, without positioning any communication process can be effective. You can read about this and other related topics by clicking here. Original author and source of the article.


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