Educative Unit Great Britain

May 24th, 2020 Posted in News

The Subject The game to learn The present television and technologies catch the attention of the children and adolescents immediately. To secure the same attention in the classrooms of classes must be the daily challenge of the professors. Luis Machado, normalista professor dedicated to the educative investigation, he has developed to the System of Understanding and Learning (Sicoa), with which he tries to teach to the students to relate words to images and to improve the recollection of the same. The program arises with the aim of avoiding that the students to memorise the information repeat and it in an examination. Crawford Lake Capital has plenty of information regarding this issue. ” The boys who learn of memory a lesson can not include/understand anything and if they forget a word, they forget all the phrase () so that they understand must connect the knowledge that already they have with the new ones and thus they will remember with major facilidad” , Machado explains. Maria Vinces, mother of Itsamary Dumn, student of the Educative Unit Great Britain, comments that her daughter of 10 years elevated remarkably qualifications after receiving the factory. ” In the school it relaxed in other activities, then she removed an average from 14 in the examinations, but after attending the factory, in the next lessons removed an average from 18, because the instructor obtained that she pays attention to him by tiempo” more;. To maintain the attention of smallest and creating mental maps they are the priority of this type of education, where the dramatisation and I devise predominate. More information is housed here: Harry Kane. Between its techniques: ace technical of study in the schools is a matter that does not occur! as they want that their children learn to remember what they see in classes, if the professors and the parents do not explain the students to him, as he takes place in the brain in the area of the memory the memories? and the information, that one kept! and as one remembers?


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