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May 21st, 2016 Posted in News

Planning starts with the location of the power unit. Powertrain Duo Vac placed on any subsidiary (subsidiary) space, this may be the basement, basement, garage, boiler, etc. The apartments can be used closets, cabinets, glassed-in balconies and loggias, etc. Sillovoy unit should be easily accessible, so you can empty the dust collector, and should not hinder the passage. Recommendations for installing firmware pipelines. Distance from floor to bottom of the unit should be not less than 300 mm, maximum – no more than 1.5 m from the condition of easy removal of debris dust collector.

The power unit should not direct podvergatsyavozdeystviyu precipitation (rain, snow). Do not place the appliance in showers, tubs and similar facilities, in which the humidity can be above 85%. To reduce the length of the pipeline to select the internal walls and partitions pnevmorozetok to install. The shorter the line, the less the loss on the suction. The pipeline for the vacuum cleaner can be built simultaneously or after the pipeline construction plumbing. Unlike sewer pipes, ducts do not require the installation of bias. The recommended length of the duct to pnevmovyhlopa about 12 meters (with a system built for the antiphon Duo Vac Vacuum magisrali pnevmovyhlopa length restrictions does not). Recommend to the nearest highway pnevmovyhlopa to an outside wall or ventilation duct.

Wall should be chosen so that pnevmovyhlop not near the entrance to the house, terrace or in the windows neighbors. ObraschaemVashe attention to the fact that in case the location of the power plant built in vacuum cleaner Duo Vac lockable room in natural ventilation of pnevmovyhlopa can not refuse. With record-high grade clean Duo Vac – 0.1 micron pnevmovyhlop simply not needed. It is very convenient in case of placing the power unit in the garage of a house or there is no technical possibility to withdraw pnevmovyhlop on the facade. The most appropriate plan pnevmorozetok installation of the communication spaces and blind areas of design (the lobby, front, on the stairs, in the area of the door openings at 30 .. 40 cm) with maximum use of the entire length of the hose (3-18m).

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