February 25th, 2013 Posted in News

For many years in Palmyra one of the cities of Syria, lived a prosperous seller of fabrics whose businesses attended each of their children. Once the seller had to leave for a long time to buy new fabrics in the East, so he gathered his sons, Ashur, Fouad and Karam and left them a chest full of expensive linens if the great lords came with their tailors looking for them to develop their expensive suits. Months later returned the seller of fabrics to the village and brought back to their children, and ask the first one by the business this told him that actually as the father it had foreseen the great lords came to the village and he had gone home from seller to find the chest. Arriving said the young man found the locked chest and decided to wait upon your return. Ashur said the father very well. To ask the next son, this told him that his business had reached the great Lords in search of beautiful fabrics as that his father kept. I went home said the young and to view the closed casket, 2 days I traveled up to Damascus in search of a locksmith.

On the return we were ambushed and robbed and arriving at the village locksmith finally discussed at length the chest and not that it can be opened told me that we had to destroy it and as I know the sentimental value you’ve always had for the same reason I decided very to my sorrow leave it without opening and avoid you a sadness. Fouad said the father very well and asked the third son by the business. He said that as the father had planned, the business had come the great Lords in search of beautiful linens. I went to your House father and to see the closed casket I thought that if you had been so cautious to let us fabrics in case the buyers arrived, I have also left the key to open it. I looked where you keep your keys and found one that said the key to the treasure chest, opened it and sold fabrics at a good price and this is the money from the sale. The father looked at his children and said to them, thank you my children, today thanks to you I have learned that mediocrity comes under the guise of appearance and success of simplicity I think that it is time to stop my testament to ti told Ashur the father, I will let my debts, because although few today is that you won’t have the ability to increase them. You Fouad, said the second, I will let my problems because now I know that you will have the ability to deceive them and you, Karam, said to the last, I will let my riches because now I know that you find ways to increase them. Life is like the seller of fabrics, which gives everyone what they deserve.

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