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September 16th, 2016 Posted in News

How to achieve a lasting and passive income with automated blogs. Many German webmasters is it long cherished dream, achieving a passive and high income. This idea will be successfully implemented in the United States with auto blogs for about two years. What is an automatic blog? An automatic blog is updated daily without your intervention with texts, videos and partner programs. For assistance, try visiting John Bercow MP. This is not magic, but is implemented using appropriate extensions (plugins). The blog software WordPress is suitable particularly well, because here already appropriate plugins have been developed. The texts are provided free by other websites, partner program providers (E.g. Amazon) and news portals as RSS feeds.

These feeds contain usually not the full text of the article, but only the headline, and in addition a few lines of the original text. The blog receives thus daily new content, although you wrote not a single text. If you include several RSS feeds in the blog, you can through this mix generate unique content, Google is clearly preferred. To achieve even better results, if you write in between your own articles and publish in addition to your automatic blog. How can I build a passive income with automatic blogs? Get the passive income with affiliate programs that are automatically published. There are various partner program providers that provide you the corresponding RSS feeds free available.

In addition, you can manually publish also more partner links in the blog. The amount of monthly revenue largely depends on the blog topic and your marketing efforts. US bloggers are basically optimistic and said about US$ 10 per day and per blog ($ 300 per month). Because there is no great effort to publish about 100 automatic blogs on various topics, the US blogger then to incredible 30,000 dollars come in the month. Based on my own experience, I think these figures unrealistic. My most successful blog, the is updated completely automatically achieved a turnover of approx. 3 euro per day. For more information in my E-book with auto blogs to earn a high income “, which you may download free of charge.” This E-book, you may give away or sell without reserve price.

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