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August 4th, 2015 Posted in News

If we talk about business travel in general, business travel is only one side of the coin. Now, looking at foreign partners, large Russian companies are developing corporate tourism. While small firms have only just begun to include in its budget for the New Year “corporative” shark business can afford to organize seminars, training, and just a corporate holiday abroad. What is interesting for the head of corporate tourism? Joint field visits in the first place, work on team building. It is one thing communication within the office and rare corporate events, and quite another – a joint holiday. For such journeys usually made well thought-out program. In the schedule must include training and seminars diluted with an extensive excursion program. Corporate Travel is different from the individual sound organization.

Of course, the leader is important that the staff had a rest and gather strength for labor achievements, but this is not enough. If you just take out the entire staff, put them in a hotel and give complete freedom of action, the only time they are together, it’s at the airport. All split into interest groups, and these groups will be the same as in the office. The main idea of corporate tourism – to break these established groups and create one – and close-knit working group. To achieve this goal is not enough to go to the hotel and periodically go on trips. Each day of rest must be conceived so that it operates on the result.

Now the plot is very popular corporate tourism. Travel company organize not just a trip, and adventure in the tradition of Hollywood movies. Unite all employees in the team to seek answers to the intricate puzzle, to reveal the insidious plans of corporate enemy and, ultimately, to reach countless treasures. Such a program can be designed for one day, and can inspire employees to fly the two-week vacation. It should be noted that with proper organization of the work included even the most skeptics, and adults for a few days to forget that they have senior positions in large companies. From a certain moment they become the conquerors of the jungle, dangerous pirates and treasure hunters. Corporate Travel for ordinary employees and executives will be different. Middle managers, first and foremost, you need to educate, to reveal to them all the ability to gather employees in the department single effective working mechanism. Corporate tourism-oriented leaders, has several other purposes. The person receiving the most important daily business decisions, from the rest is waiting for relaxation. Psychologists and Trainers working with clients such attempt in the first place, release tension and relieve stress. The nature of this work the chief assistant. An experienced trainer uses the natural beauty and harmony, to disable top manager from the concrete jungle and the whole dipped in green. And when the head is completely exempt from the work really come into it really worth the idea. Often it is during this rest is solved the fate of the company and completely changing the strategy of the department or entire organization.

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