Corporate Culture

December 21st, 2013 Posted in News

Once on the tour of the winery I was shown a sample of corporate rock paintings. On the wall in the warehouse were life-size painted director, chief engineer and technician of this glorious institution. All with glasses in hands and for some reason with an almost cartoonishly enlarged noses. I asked the maintainers of this wonderful group features a portrait of what I was given such a response – the nose in humans increases whole life and besides its basic functions intended to emphasize the dignity of human nature. In one memorable excursion was the conclusion I made is – human nature, a delicate matter, and has a tendency to exaggerate. Therefore, when the pre- fever Eighth March was born the idea to use as the entourage of live ponies, I’m not surprised. Especially because ponies and we just were not enough. But in order. The oldest economic university engecon Russia, or rather male half of it conceived to congratulate their International Women’s Day.

No sooner said than done. But the main thing in such a slim case that? Of course a delight in the eyes of grateful women, the organizers have decided – Workshop Andrew Kislyuk. All Men’s team engecon headed by the rector ai happy to support our idea to congratulate expensive employees exclusive vocal pop numbers. Authors (Andrew Kislyuk and Andrey Ivanov) and the composer (Aleksey Nikolaev) sat down to work and the very next day the men went engecon together in the recording studio. Applause blew sparkling medley of “For the lovely ladies” in the performance of teachers University. Tears of joy and grateful smile shone on the faces of the audience during the performance of such numbers of holiday programs like “Song Gypsy” Trio “and” I’ll kiss your hand. ” After much rehearsal and hard of director-producer (Natalia Solovieva) students and teachers looked on stage by professional artists.

Enjoyed tremendous success as an opera voice student (the guy is clearly not on economic study), pop-dance number “Deja vu” in the performance of the student “Todes” and the performance of university kvn. And the snack had a very pony which a strong and lasting applause literally on their hands have made in the hall. You should have seen celestially sad eyes of the horses, when she realized that the colors in two huge baskets on her back were not meant to her. Still managed somehow to raise her mood.


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