Cliff Burton

February 13th, 2017 Posted in News

To use the events, the environmental calendar, or the one of UNESCO can be a very useful resource. Or to use it sporadically, or like habitual resource of the day to day. Sometimes you are that you do not know that to do, by the reason that is, and to look for in the events of the page of the newspaper or in a specific Web, it can save the day to us. Always there are interesting things, important events, births or deaths of historical or famous personages And how we used the found or selected data? If for example we choose today, 27 of September, we can choose between a great variety of events, births and deaths, from the birth of Luis XIII of France in 1601 to the death of Cliff Burton, bear of Metallica, in 1986, and all knowledge contributes something. If we chose, for example, the death of Edgar Degs, the painter and sculptor, in 1917, can from studying the life and builds of the artist, to explore the France of 1917, to print diverse pictures of Degas and to mount a exhibition in house putting in works of Degs and works ours imitating its style in different stages from its life, to investigate on the world of the ballet, to see some videos, to become tuts, to paint, to carve, to go to a exhibition, to altogether study the impresionist painters, to mount a representation around the painter and his world being recreated some of its pictures and improvising that conversations could have, to study on the Europe of second half of century XIX, to investigate on World War I, or Europe post World War I are so many possibilities and every day a new full world of opportunities within the pages is abre destined to recover and to remember past events.


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