Christian Republic

August 18th, 2013 Posted in News

Machiavelli the first realist with his political rationalism and spokesman of his age, is therefore also the first psychologist of the unmasking, precursor of Marx, Nietzsche and Freud. He exhibited the moral dualism that beats in every politician, and for which the end justifies the means. After the middle ages, it was already clear that it was not possible to unite within a single ecclesiastical doctrine, the forces nouvelles, the Nations in training and anxious individuals of freedom. Start the split Church and Empire, leading to an antagonism of 400 years. With the conquest of Carlos V Italy, begins to dominate the financial capital and therefore as already noted Clarck Church was part of the international banking system which started Italy at the end of the 13th century. Why, this is the time in which the political realism, in or which exposes the true intentions of all power, becomes aware, once a Christian Republic by Imperial and ecclesiastical powers struggle was already impossible and justified much of the crimes of State.

With the monetary and commercial economy appears the bourgeois man; It is now in the cities and not in cathedrals where people found; In addition, two new professional classes emerge: artisans and traders, who no longer work for themselves, they work for others. The monetary economy is represented in its purest form in the merchant, who was already looking for profit and gain, which opposes land as a unique form of wealth ownership until then, and that thin metals only served as use of beautification. In addition, coined money that was in the hands of the Church, was not circulating. The trade was which from money made in the midst of change, put it to work, with which to seem the first traits of the capitalist mentality. However, the bourgeois was despised and formed the third State and stood at the forefront of social changes; social among slaves and free, differences are deleted and those can already contract, and you are not paid in kind but in money.

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