Choosing A Kitten

February 12th, 2016 Posted in News

Animals in the house – it is always and comfort, and warmth and joy of communicating with our smaller brethren, and so there is nothing to spend this joy, let us seriously when choosing a pet. In light of many species of animals that people hold in their homes, but now I want to talk specifically about cats. Everyone knows that cats can be bred and mongrel, but this second love and holyat no less than the first. As a rule, mongrel cats appear in the house by accident, and thoroughbred animals usually choose a long and meticulously. Of course, as the saying goes, the cat – it is in Africa – a cat, that's just not as simple as it might seem at first glance. So, if you dare make in your home is a thoroughbred cat, then the choice of species must be approached very, very deliberately. Immediately warn that this article, though long, but very useful, so I recommend patience and read it through. Let's talk about the financial side.

The first thing I would advise to ask the price of kittens, to estimate how much money you can devote each month to the content of their Future pet. Indeed, in addition to carrying, stove, pans, toys, feeders and other necessary things that you immediately get to a kitten, he is still very much needed. During his whole life for him will have to buy and expensive high-quality feed (in feed can not save in any case, since 90% of the health of a living organism and its life depends on the quality of food) and cat litter, and . .

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