China Life Insurance

February 7th, 2021 Posted in News

CNYD is a great bet to buy now before it attracts greater institutional attention and actions begin to rise much more. 3. China Life Insurance (LFC) the largest in China, China Life Insurance (LFC) insurance company has a dominant share in the market of 51% in a country where the insurance industry is growing at a rate of 15% per year. In the coming years, I think that the China insurance industry will grow rapidly and eventually to become the world’s largest insurance market. China Life Insurance expected to consolidate its leadership position in major Chinese cities due to the new accounting standards that will be soon published by the insurance regulatory Commission. Estimates based on the first three Chinese insurers together with the annual reports from the 2009 show that China Life Insurance is He would remain as leader in 33 major cities. These accounting changes do not really reflect no change in the company’s business, but remain positive for existing investors, since they show the company in an even brighter light.

4. China National Offshore Oil Corporation China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CEO) continues to benefit from the disasters of BP in the Gulf. Currently, CNOOC is in talks with BP to buy 60 percent of its shares in Pan American Energy, the second largest producer of oil from Argentina. CEO acquired a 20% share of Pan American earlier this year from flanges of Argentina by $3.1 billion, which values the participation of BP about $9 billion. BP has said that it is seeking to sell nearly $10 billion in assets over the next year to raise funds for the costs related to the Gulf spill.

Keep an eye on this agreement and expect to be fairly optimistic that CNOOC will continue. 5 Sorl Auto Parts (SORL) As the largest manufacturer of valves for air brakes, Sorl Auto Parts (SORL) have favourable economies of scale on its national and foreign competitor. Its production capacity is equivalent to the sum of its next three competitors. Looking to the future, for the second quarter of 2010, SORL managers expect sales to reach $47 billion and a net income of approximately $4.3 billion, implying a strong jump of 42 percent of the 29.7 million dollars in sales and $ 3 million in net income last year. Today, shares in the company traded near 10 times the projected revenue for this year, which means that it is much cheaper in comparison with the average of valuations of most Chinese companies involved in the auto-parts.

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