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June 12th, 2013 Posted in News

The hotel industry is doing your best bets in Cali, where detected a varied and growing market of customers. From corporate tourism that brings more businessmen, sport, sauce, culture, until the segment of health charged every day more important, by the great prestige he enjoyed, the cosmetic surgeons of this region. Hotels in Cali Colombia, are prepared each year for these festivities and are organized according to the feverish activities. The fair of Cali goes from 25 to 30 December. This is the version number 53 and you will have performances free of recognized artists in the world of salsa, fusion music and 1960s? s. The parade, El Salsodromo and the parade of old Cali are the busiest events of the fair. The concerts in the clubs Chango, Mango Viche, Prague and the concert in the stadium of Deportivo Cali are part of private events. This year, despite the winter, people still coming to Cali.

Many tourists have been and foreigners, who provide dividends for the city, trade establishments and inhabitants of Cali. There is still time to enjoy fair and consolidate all figures that spitting this fair. The hotels in Cali, will of course continue happy, attending all the tourists in the best way. Need to see what % of occupation will have hotels in the month of December and measure the impact of this festivity. There are 167 in Cali accommodation, but within these establishments include hotels, apart hotels and residences. Hotels formal and recognized as such there are 67 of them nine (9) are luxury hotels, forty-five first (three and four stars) and 16 cheap hotels. Today the hotel offer of the city is and 3061 rooms 6122 beds. The rate of hotel occupancy in the first half of this year has been the 33.5%, three points less than in the same period of last year and is lower than that observed in other cities of Colombia.

However, the hotel industry is betting hard in the city because it sees favourable Outlook and is committed in nine projects that consolidate in the next two years and increase the hotel capacity, providing 1076 additional rooms by 30%. The new bets. Among the new hotel projects that are committed to Cali this Spiwak, that is already a reality. Another important string provided to enter the city is the Central American Marriot, with a 150-room hotel, which began construction in 2011. In the list of projects also include two more so-called Chipichape A and B, which sumarian 180 rooms, two others close to the Centre of events Valle del Pacifico, the City Express, a Mexican chain and four Boutique Hotels, new concept that is opening step in the hospitality industry. These new hotels come with a whole team of marketing and tools to make visible to visitors or travelers and thereby ensuring future guests. They will open hotels in Cali? Hotels that we are talking about are cataloged 4 and 5 star. We do not know for certain how many cheap hotels opening soon in Cali. With the new competition, should bet on new technologies such as web positioning, be innovative and offer new alternatives for services that fully satisfy visitors. The bet is to be competitive in all aspects. Here you don’t win the largest if not the fastest to make use of these tools for the benefit of the Hotel and the guest. All, we win if we do the guest back to Cali fair and at any time year. Cali is always a delight! Atte.

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