Catherine Howard

July 26th, 2013 Posted in News

First with Catherine of Aragon with whom he had a daughter, Maria. Then with Anne Boleyn, to who after accusing of adultery did perish decapitated, had another daughter, Isabel. His eldest son Eduardo VI was born to his third wife Juana Seymour. Then married Ana de Cleves, both are separated, Catherine Howard who died also decapitated by infidel and finally with Catalina Parr, who accompanied him until his death in 1547 and survived it. His son succeeded him on the throne Eduardo VI, minor via a Regency and his premature death, after a dispute with Juana Grey, granddaughter of Enrique VII, which proved fruitless, succeeds him in 1553, Maria I Catherine’s daughter, vigorous Catholic, who was known as the Bloodroot by your obsessed persecution of Protestants. At her death in 1558 came his half sister, the daughter of Enrique y Ana Bolena, who ascended the throne with the name Isabel I and was baptized by his subjects as the Virgin Queen. Catholics, who chased considered illegitimate as illegitimate.

This was the origin of the long religious struggles that resulted in the exile of the persecuted to the American colonies, which allowed faith depended on the discretion of the monarchs of the day. (6) It is the nearest representative of despotism in England by its intolerance and the rigor with which took its decisions. However his popularity was rising to defend the commercial interests of the middle class, became the precursor of the maritime power English to promote the construction of warships and merchant ships. It was ally of Emperor Carlos I of Spain in a principle and devout Catholic, but then he allied himself with Francisco I of France to confront the first giving beginning to an intermittent struggle which runs for almost three centuries. (7) The estrangement occurred as a result of a sentimental event. Henry VIII was married to Catherine of Aragon, sister of Juana La Loca, daughter of the Catholic monarchs and aunt of the Emperor Carlos V of Germany and I of Spain.

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