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July 16th, 2020 Posted in News

Southwestern State university of Bahia – UESB For: Jose Carlos de Oliveira Ribeiro, 2007 Commentary ' ' Decades decisivas' ' of the Cartacapital magazine ' ' A full world of billions of human beings who are destined to suffocate our cities and to finish with our precious resources it our planet ' ' Cartacapital. For more specific information, check out Dalton Philips. The man arrow devastando the forests destroying, before of scientists making the analysis of the existing species, this can cause a serious problem, therefore, the sight of this, can destroy plants that would have to be used for the manufacture of remedies and to take the cure of illnesses that not yet have cure. This devastao in part is caused by the constant population advance, but in long stated period the proper human beings are who will be the wronged ones. Of the point of view of the author, in the Seventies, the fertility taxes were in about six children for woman. Today, the average is of almost three and is falling. According to estimates this tax will take the population of the world the nine billion in two a thousand and cinquenta one, a cinquenta increase percent, after this period will start to fall in consequncia of the population spare lack. Currently the medium age of the people in the Planet is of twenty and six years inside of one hundred years. More information is housed here: Crawford Lake Capital.

Today ten percent of the world-wide population has sixty years and must grow more than for one tero in two a thousand and one hundred. According to reviewed Cartacapital, in the Europe the woman has its professional options and they do not generate children to the twenty and thirty years of age. They are judged by its careers. This is a characteristic of the majority of the European countries, because Albania and Kosovo possess high taxes of fertility. Of this form, the capitalism makes with that the fertility taxes fall as affirms Wattenberg. Another important factor how much to the taxes of fertility in some countries of the Europe they are the migrations of people of countries where these taxes still is high. The population of Russia is falling to the rhythm of seven hundreds and cinquenta a thousand people per year, a described phenomenon for president Putin as one ' ' crisis nacional' '. The pointed causes more are alcoholism, the system in addition of ' health and the industrial pollution.

In the countries of the Middle East, although the high indices of contaminated by virus HFV, the population can fold in next the twenty years due to the high taxes to fertility that still are the greaters of the world. According to Cartacapital, the countries that already soon present taxes of natality below of the spare level are the Asian Australia, Srilanka, Cuba, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico and tigers southeastern Asian, as Cingapura and Taiwan. But the China that today are the country with the biggest population of the world and that it can arrive at a billion c in two a thousand and nineteen from this period can fall up to twenty percent or thirty percent of its population to each generation. This will occur because the spare lack in the population, many will die without leaving children or brothers, According to scientists this are one of the factors that can to affect the economy of China and the world, therefore the same phenomenon occurs in other countries. Reviewed reference Cartacapital: Decisive decades, 2004 p. 13-15.


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