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Each solution is designed KONE to the needs of specific types of buildings, regardless of whether it is a residential complex, office building or several buildings for general use, for example, shops, railway stations, airports or schools. Passengers in residential buildings they want to get to the right floor for the minimum time at the highest possible level of comfort and safety. Residents want the building use in the management of simple lifts with an attractive design. Equipment should operate quietly, especially at night. The architects who design the building, it is necessary to optimize the available space and link to install elevators in interior design. The owners of the building also has its own requirements: they relate to overall operating costs, the possibility of maintenance and energy consumption in the building. KONE Elevators designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders. The need for reconstruction of buildings without an elevator is constantly growing.

One of the reasons – a growing percentage of elderly living in homes with no elevator. Problem installing the elevator is really urgent, because of the need to facilitate the use of the building older people. As a solution to this problem, KONE offers technology that is designed especially for existing buildings. Using this technology results in minimal changes in the building. Operation of an office building – is a constant process of regulation costs, profits and risks. The ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of the building and its inhabitants, as well as to make the building a pleasant place to stay and do business.

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