February 12th, 2013 Posted in News

Implanting? ties mattering? a conflict that would not be ours, not at least in jurisdiction level. Clia de Azevedo, in the article ' ' Racial quota and state: abolition of racism or rights of race? ' ' , it argues that racism not drift of a certain connotation of race. In contrast, racism creates the race notion is biological it or cultural, in other words, racism operates by means of the racializao of the society. The contrary the implantation of the racial quotas do not deny the existence of racism in Brazil? how they insist on saying some militant intellectuals and of the black movement? but they disagree with the form as it is being if evaluating and trying to fight the racial preconception. They always insist on the universalistas actions that they would not cause, in its readings, the division of Brazil in racial terms. In other words, they are against the racial quotas for seeing in them a process of racializao of the Brazilian society. Thus, they consider the universalizao of the citizenship, where the magnifying of the education and income and other rights would finish for attenuating – the short one, and to exterminar in long stated period, the racial inaqualities in Brazil. Against this argument the corporate shareholders indicate that the racial problem in Brazil not it will be cured only with the solution of the social problems. The blacks have proper demands that the notion of race acting in contemptuous way finished for attributing to them, then, will be revigorating positively this concept that ' ' no-brancos' ' they will fight against the Brazilian racism that organicly are not associated with the notion of social classroom, thus having, ' ' existence autnoma' '. Sketching this type this type of argument declares Pear tree (1996): It is clearly that the racial situation in the country, for if expressing inside of a system of classrooms, is, so to speak, contaminated for very of what it defines social classroom.


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