Brazil Quarter

April 28th, 2014 Posted in News

In a fast stroll for the quarter to be able to find optimum passage for the research, the presence of old and new building can be noticed harmonic coexisting side by side in the immediacy of the railroad station, commercial polar region of the quarter. The construction of new forms does not imply in the destruction of the old forms, this rank takes to exactly believe us it that with the necessity of the implantation of new functions do not urge the necessity of construction of new forms what it occurs is the imposition of new functions the old forms and these structures co-will the same inhabit space without damage for the evolution of the space. Saints: ' ' Thus being, to-somente it to-somente remains us a mixture of new and old forms, of structures creating new adjusted forms more will fulfill new functions or if adjusting the old forms, created in instances passadas.' ' (p.55) the formation of the quarter the advent of the railway line, in 1858, brought for the region airs of modernity, however the station alone was inaugurated in 1914, upon request of inhabitants of the region. To the time, the president of Brazil was Hermes Marshal of the Fonseca, that gave its name to the neighboring station, inaugurated in 1913, in the following year, upon request of inhabitants of the locality, would be inaugurated the station of Blessed Ribeiro, for then the mayor, General Bento Ribeiro. Therefore the quarter appeared and grew in return of the railway line that cut region, dividing it in two sides, as well as the too much quarters, is of the line of the Central office, is of the branch of the Leopoldina, very peculiar characteristic of these localities and that north does not exist in quarters of the zone, as Tijuca and Graja, south zone, zone west, as the quarters of Jacarepagu.


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