Bob Marley

November 24th, 2015 Posted in News

It so happened that Marley brought reggae from the slums and streets of streets and slums of Jamaica in a wide world (including the world show business). But Marley reggae – it's not just music. Attracts all not only great music but also philosophical and mystical texts written by a musician: "I am not on whose side." Neither side of black or white side. I'm on God's side, which leads me to speak on behalf of all people. " Soon the songs Marley became the spiritual hymns rastafarianstva, which has long awaited the birth of their new leader, who made rastamanstvo essentially a new world religion. But the most paradoxical in this situation that such a musical ideology does not prevent the music and promotion. Already in 1970 Marley's conquering the European and American charts, and soon to Marley, who has never been busy professional advertising and politikoypolitikoy and advertising makes an attempt, Bob urges warring factions to the Kingston ghetto of reconciliation, then the best halls in London and New York have become a platform for his speeches, Marley was awarded the Medal of Peace at the un, in the end of his visits home rastafarianskoy dreams – Ethiopia. "I want to live where you live, my father and my father lives in Ethiopia – even once in his youth Bob Marley said.

After it, he again came to the faraway continent of Africa, it was able to witness amazing: that "local people know his songs are much better than the national anthem." In 1980, Marley, which is already under life called "the god of reggae", gives one of the greatest of all time reggae concerts in Europe (Milan) – another triumph of style reggae. His concert had come to hear more than one hundred thousand spectators. Marley's triumphant advocates everywhere, becoming, despite its rastafarianskie beliefs willy-nilly, and the idol of pop culture, without betraying the ideology. The life of a famous musician at the peak of fame suddenly terminates May 11, 1981, when he dies because of festered finger, which he hurt during a game of football – it simply is not time to be amputated. The messenger of the mighty god Jah is dead, and thousands of fans in general could not believe it because of such grandeur. The body of the musician put a mausoleum, and the funeral day for Yamaykebyl declared national mourning, after ten years in the famous Walk of Fame in Hollywood solemnly laid a star Bob Marley, as in Florida's widow Rita Marley opened the park, named the name of the musician.

It is worth noting that the wheels of Bob Marley to our days out in the millions. Marley's sons also play reggae. He is remembered, and slushayutpomnyat play, listen and , listen and recall and listen to this very day. Heard his songs and almost all the reggae festivals. "Leo is alive – this kind of lettering and pictures of Bob Marley can be found everywhere. Marley is today the most famous musician, seamlessly linking the music and and muzykuv one direction – reggae. In one person miraculously combined brilliant musician, revolutionary, a preacher, poet and mystic philosopher.

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