Bernardine Karmann Companies

October 23rd, 2013 Posted in News

As Andres Beer said, former-president of the Anfavea: ‘ ‘ Heroic step, step very grande’ ‘. As we can observe had existed some attempts of implantation of Brazilian marks in the automobile market, some with more projection and projects of bigger autonomy, others although a reasonable volume of sales only adaptavam its drawings on a dependent base of the multinational technology. However, the point of confluence in this question is the lack of financial and technological musculatura. The great international companies already since the beginning of century XX come consolidating its participation in the market, being that these same companies possess a great financial and technological support to support the great competition of the sector. Also the proper Brazilian state grants tax benefits for its installations in the national market. In principle it had this necessity to attract foreign companies, more consolidated and capitalized. It happens that the domain consolidated on the market of these great companies, of certain form, intimidated the sprouting of authentic a national industry.

Therefore, its robust domain in the market it did not allow spaces for the sprouting of competing local companies. The few Brazilian companies who had dared to penetrate in this niche had proved of the same luck: dependence and technological delay, little productive capacity and of investments and necessarily the competition inaquality. As common destination, or they had been acquired by multinationals or simply they had declared insolvent. Picture 01 shows this accurately, of the installed Brazilian companies and of some relevance, it saves the Agrale that still is active, but does not produce technology, the ones that they had not declared insolvent duly had been acquired by the foreign companies. PICTURE 01? Main Assembly plants Installed in Brazil. MontadorasOrigemLocalizao UF/Implantation General.


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