Beer Monopoly Popular Party Game

August 25th, 2016 Posted in News

pleased especially in the winter months the variation of the well-known company game of very popular beer monopoly is a game of the classic monopoly game. As the name suggests this beer plays a special role. For revenue only, if something is drunk or someone else at a rent to pay. The game runs so bad for a party or investments are so monopoly on unconventional manner must be procured at the beer new money… Beer monopoly is an ordinary game of monopoly. However, the rules are somewhat “special”. The most important rule is: you only get money when you on drank a beer.

This means not going over Los at positive event or company card to get money. If you however to a negative field (paying taxes) or gets an event or company map where you have to pay then you have to pay to the Bank. Between the parties, rent must be paid of course and houses and hotels cost money, too. Now you can at the start the cards of possession of randomly distribute (recommended, so that the game is not forever) or you can start so that plots etc. must be purchased first. But there was like in the ‘normal’ monopoly I think lots of variations and everyone has as its preferred method of play. Also, some money should be distributed at the beginning, so that seed money is available and you can also build or at the first major payment no excesses are needed. Soon enough come to later game time it happens then that one person or a group within a turn must drink several beers, to pay, for example, a ‘hotel visit’.

Whoever plays well and conducts business or drinks much from the outset has accordingly capital available and then the next rounds usually relaxed opposite stand. Who however is in need of money can come quickly in panic. According to the motto: “If I now ne throw 5, mus I 4 drink beer”. Beer monopoly may according to the law are logically only played by people aged 16 and above. posted Paul Eber

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