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December 8th, 2017    Posted in News

The following year, Jaeger LeCoultre developed the Calibre 101, which had the distinction of being the smallest world clock mechanism and would also probably be between the lighter weighing less than a gram. The reverse was revealed in 1931 and Yes you must believe in the rumors and gossip, was specifically designed for British officers stationed in India, who played polo and wanted a way to protect their watches while they played. After enjoying a period of popularity, the Reverso lost favor with the public, until the 1960s, when an Italian dealer who was visiting the Jaeger LeCoultre factory, discovered several new watch boxes that had been forgotten in a drawer. He bought boxes, put mechanisms into them and immediately found buyers for all of them. Today, the reverse sales represent a large part of the total sales volume of the company.

Since the time of its founding to modern times, Jaeger LeCoultre has never failed in producing excellently manufactured clocks, but with reasonable prices, such as the Memovox and the Futurematic, presenting innovative additions. However, in 1970, as many other watchmakers, Jaeger LeCooultre was found needing financial aid desperately and just like the IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre currently belongs to the Richemont group. Many companies watch that continue manufacturing watches in Switzerland, Jaeger LeCoultre is among the few that still produces its own parts such as dials, boxes, mechanisms, bangles and hands. Definitely gained the reputation for being the watchmaker of the watchmakers. In a move that surely delighted fans to watches, Jaeger LeCoultre celebrated its 175th anniversary packing its spherical tourbillon doble-eje in the back doble-cara. Now, this particular wonder of the watches you can admire not only from above, but also from behind. The sight of the balance that moves continuously is simply captivating and difficult to escape from it.

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Ruiz Workmanship

December 6th, 2017    Posted in News

From concepts and evolution of existing poems in this workmanship, one develops the referencial, the influence, the structure, the aesthetic one and of the poetical creation of this author. With this research, one expects to divulge the workmanship, the haicais poems few known and spread out in the half academic, to deepen the knowledge gifts in this workmanship, among others authors. To develop the evolution of the haicais in Brazil and its essences beyond an analysis of the workmanship of this author and its boarded subjects constructing of this form a poetical reflection, on the haicas. Throughout its Alice workmanship Ruiz it makes an impression for the objetividade for the perception of the things and forms we saw as it. However the simple haicais with its simplicity and form to write, transmit in them much more of what wisdom, invite in them to travel in its direction and denotation, since its heading until its influence, creating itself thus an only style to make poetry. The art of the poetry of Alice Ruiz makes in them to reflect and to exercise the power that its brevity transmits in them, even so its meaning is much more that this.

PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Haicai, Poetry, Brazilian Literature, Alice Ruiz. INTRODUCTION This work is developed from bibliographical research of haicas poems, gifts in the workmanship of Alice Ruiz. Leaving of the concept, we can cite that haicai is a small poetry with metric and mold eastern, appeared in the century XVI, much spread out in Japan and was also become enlarged in Brazil from its significant publication of an assay of Afrnio Peixoto, in 1928, intitled as ‘ ‘ Haicai Japanese or lyric epigrama – an assay of naturalizao’ ‘.

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December 4th, 2017    Posted in News

ResumoPara to guarantee the objective well to think the gift we need to construct umaoutra globalization established in the beginning of solidarity. The globalization in sino is problematic, therefore it represents a process of nahistria advance without precedents of the humanity. What she is problematic is the competitive globalization. Estetexto has for intention to carry through an analysis of the ecopedagogia and a reflection acultura of the support for the field of the competitive globalization. This challenging and convidativo article is intended that seje reflections to ahead decarter ethical and antropolgico of the problems taxes to the human beings and aomeio environment of the destructive potential that the development docapitalismo provokes. Of antropolgico character for if dealing with the question coletivaestando these eager of new forms of life, enclosing all the spheres of the vidasocial I contend the possibility of a process of antropolgica mutation, nosentido to promote a new conception of man, and this perceiving that, inserted in the universe, it is not separate of the planet, and if it questions the davida direction.

Ethical E, because the new principles that regularize the activity humanaonde its global actors will have of if to base on a new paradigm who have fills with earth as bedding and center. The paradigmtica change will bring with certezaimplicaes in ' ' educao' ' , as much in the curricular boarding as in the movimentosocial and politician, this understood as a reorientation of our vision demundo. The education as knowledge and study center will have estarconsciente of its responsibility ambient human being and. The oupedagogia ecopedagogia of the land is worried in inserting the individual in a eglobal local community at the same time, this is the logic of the hojealmejada or possible social or universal revolution. Being able itself to detach in the excellency of a cidadaniaintegral, full active and. It is the conquest of the planetary citizenship, being the access universal aosdireitos.

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December 4th, 2017    Posted in News

2 Development of the subject the freedom, according to Ockham, it belongs to the constitution of the man. According to De Boni, fullness of the power and freedom are contradictory concepts, that if exclude mutually: the fullness of the power is something that destroys the Christian in such a way how much the citizen, because it steals it to them freedom (cf. OF BONI, 2003, p.305). From there the proper Ockham to say that Christ did not come to deprive the world of its rights and good. Therefore, nor the Pope possesss the power to deprive other people of its good and its rights. Therefore, the papal principality is not extended in regular way on the goods, the rights and the freedoms of other people (cf. OCKHAM, 1999, P.

180). Also it does not fit to the Pope to impose virtuous actions against the will of the fidiciary offices. Thus, for example, in diverse topics of the writing the virginity and the celibacy are praised; however, they do not belong to the mediania of the fidiciary offices, but they take in itself something that goes beyond the common obligations to all. Therefore, they are not taxes to nobody, but only advised to that they inhale to a bigger perfection. In way fellow creature, after years of convivncia, husband and woman can, of common agreement, to decide itself for the separation, in order to follow, both, as religious and religious, the celibatria life.

But the Pope cannot impose the spouses, against the will of them, that they become religious (cf. OCKHAM, 1999, P. 177-178). The English master is against the fullness of the power of the Pope because it is a human being. As human being the Pope he can leave itself to lead for external influences, such as, interests politicians, economic, etc, and to incur into error. The premise that is here en vogue is of that the Christian religion does not deprive nobody of its right.

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Cliff Burton

February 13th, 2017    Posted in News

To use the events, the environmental calendar, or the one of UNESCO can be a very useful resource. Or to use it sporadically, or like habitual resource of the day to day. Sometimes you are that you do not know that to do, by the reason that is, and to look for in the events of the page of the newspaper or in a specific Web, it can save the day to us. Always there are interesting things, important events, births or deaths of historical or famous personages And how we used the found or selected data? If for example we choose today, 27 of September, we can choose between a great variety of events, births and deaths, from the birth of Luis XIII of France in 1601 to the death of Cliff Burton, bear of Metallica, in 1986, and all knowledge contributes something. If we chose, for example, the death of Edgar Degs, the painter and sculptor, in 1917, can from studying the life and builds of the artist, to explore the France of 1917, to print diverse pictures of Degas and to mount a exhibition in house putting in works of Degs and works ours imitating its style in different stages from its life, to investigate on the world of the ballet, to see some videos, to become tuts, to paint, to carve, to go to a exhibition, to altogether study the impresionist painters, to mount a representation around the painter and his world being recreated some of its pictures and improvising that conversations could have, to study on the Europe of second half of century XIX, to investigate on World War I, or Europe post World War I are so many possibilities and every day a new full world of opportunities within the pages is abre destined to recover and to remember past events.

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Christmas Shopping In London

February 5th, 2017    Posted in News

To visit the land of the Queen of Christmas shopping people tend most of an unpleasant duty in the stressful time before year-end. Instead of sinking in hustle and bustle, the online portal recommends a trip to London. In the English city it can be excellent reading and using the new environment creativity in terms of selection of gifts is quickly going to swing. A flight to London is worth thus in any case, to escape the everyday life for a few days and enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest. Of course, the time is also perfectly suited for sightseeing. A visit to Kensington Palace, which offers a special exhibition to Princess Diana is recommended in addition to the Buckingham Palace, the residence of the Royal family.

Also, a stroll through the Christmas London worth over at Westminster Abbey, where the Royal Coronation ceremonies take place, and to the Parliament and Big Ben. A trip with the famous Ferris wheel London Eye, travelers can views over the Thames and the surrounding Enjoy London. If you like something scary like you can visit the Tower of London. Once, he was used as a royal residence and later converted to the prison. Today, the spirits of the prisoners should haunt umher in the dungeons. Exclusive purchases a visit of the luxury department store of Harrods is advisable for”purchase of all conceivable everyday objects of food bags and handbags in the designer clothing can be. The facade, which by 1,200 light is lit up and makes fast festive mood is especially famous. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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Anticrisis Currency

January 13th, 2017    Posted in News

Here in Mexico, since I can remember (and stating that a few years are no longer that I have to remember) we have had economic crises. Frequent devaluations. Persistent price increases. Nothing desirable, but present with everything and accompanied by bitterness. We already had quite a few years without seeing a significant devaluation of our weight. Although the recent has not been one big, yes it is noticeable and affects the family budget. The weight is devalued these days at least one twenty per cent. If we have learned anything it is the ease with which currencies lose their value from one day to another! Why does it occur so? You reader, if he has had the privilege of cashing your check product of sweat from his forehead and has at the moment a ticket in your pocket, I ask you please remove it and examine it carefully.

See it. Be 20 pesos. Or 50, 100, 200, 500 or even 1,000. Attaches to being mere paper? How much is this bit of paper worth? If it were coins, we would be talking about nickel, stainless steel and in some cases copper, these metals not precious and therefore of little value. The value of the currency, including the U.S. dollar, is merely an illusion based on the perception of the users of the money. If a person believes that it may acquire in the future goods and services desired with your currency, then continue striving to that currency. When trust disappears for any reason, users of money change to the currency you perceive will yield them the greatest value.

It is then when we have a scene of devaluation. The important point is to possess a strong devaluation-proof coin. Resistant to perceptions, or better said, that always is perceived strong regardless of accidents of the bags of values and public and private finance.

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Why People Join A MLM

December 2nd, 2016    Posted in News

One of the most common mistakes that I could find my short lifetime of networker is that members of any MLM company thinks that people join your network by one of the following reasons: the company awards compensation plan products maybe there’s other reasons but the main ones are these 4, but what so true is this? Really people are joined by the enterprise, products or compensation plan? A few years ago became an investigation of leaders of different MLM companies and were given a survey and a question was what do you that is the main reason why people join your network? and these great leaders responded that the main reason was by the company, then the compensation plan, products, etc. To ask the same question to affiliates, compared to those who answered the leaders, they replied that the main reason to join a MLM network was by the leader or because they saw a great opportunity to to meet their objectives. We could say that people join the network marketing by people and not by the product, plan of compensation etc. It is why the rise of the so-called attraction Marketing, where the most important thing is the person and not the company, the product, nor the compensation plan. Jonathan Budd, a leader of the Anglo-Saxon market, says that people join the MLM for two big reasons: by you for your marketing plan and says that no more reason there is.

Analyze what Jonathan Budd says we realize that it is true, because when someone is new and enters a world totally unknown always looks be related to someone with more experience that can help you achieve your goals. That is why the great importance of having mentors in the profession that we have and the MLM is no exception.That is why it is said that MLM is professionalizing increasingly. Some call the networkers of the last century as members of the old school, where is the gave greater importance to what is mentioned above (the plan, company, etc), it was used hostigadoras many times and very little effective strategies. Currently with the use of the internet as a tool of global access, things are changing, now the MLM leaders are sharing their secrets so that everyone have access and to obtain the desired results whatever the MLM company to which it belongs. They also teach that most importantly is personal as leader growth, since this way we become like a people magnet and although not everyone will join our multilevel always will be in contact with us and recommendations given to them, some product that sold them to help them in their business they acquire it because they fully rely on us. It is that it is advisable to constant training, the use of virtual tools and advice from someone who has already travelled the road and is willing to teach others his secrets. In Latin America there are still not many professional networkers but every day people interested in the industry and professionalism of the same are. In summary, we can say that the reasons for why people join our network of MLM is because we’re here and we have a plan for effective marketing that makes to get the results that soon could take years to be able to reach them.

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England Percentage

November 15th, 2016    Posted in News

Left in England would have had to keep the rest of your life. Or do you think after a few years, going to sincerarte with everyone you know? Imagine what would have been their reactions? I had turned my face. And you would have chosen to leave the village. It is likely that if he consulted a psychologist, he'll say you were wrong, you should have addressed the situation. It is very easy to give advice in such cases. But I am sure that another psychologist, with another school, I would say you did the right thing. Who first had to prepare your child to cope with the situation and that is what you've been doing all these years.

Wait until you're ready. I guarantee that if you did a survey among many people, you know it or not, and find a percentage of people who would say that you should have told the truth, but another percentage strongly support your decision. And if you would, would accept for the valid responses were better percentage? Think about it in any other circumstances of your life and ask yourself this question: would you take the decision as he would have chosen the most? What would you do, Alex? Think carefully and answer me. Or would you take the decision according to what you mark your own convictions? Answer me, I'm waiting for your answer I guess would not make a personal decision basing on the opinion of the majority. I've never done under any circumstances in my life.

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World Championships

November 8th, 2016    Posted in News

Of course, the British are the true leaders in the methods of fishing on a float rod and angling in the wiring to the coil, which is recognized by all countries of continental Europe and Scandinavia, which are involved in world championships in angling (CIPS World Championships). They made a great impression, when the team won the championship in angling in the wiring in Italy in 1985. Before this happens, England, has already appeared in several world champions in individual championship, using rods and reels, whereby they were able to reach their potential and in fact for several years before the victory in Italy has been a solid team. This victory is very accelerated British distribution of floats and fishing gear in most if not all of the states – members of CIPS. Floating pieces of bread crust are often quite effective for carp. Here, we show the tackle, which allows you to adjust the distance between the sinker and the nozzle.

Here is shown a sliding tackle with the sinker, fixed on the bottom. The inset at the bottom right oblique special float holding the nozzle at the surface. But exports gear – this one, and transfer of knowledge about how to use them to maximum effect – completely different. I’ll try to do this in order that such knowledge has helped athletes and fishermen, and those who are just fishing. Competition in sports fishing gave rise to the rapid development of fishing gear and methods that are well known even to non-professionals. Despite the diversity of species, there are only two floats, which are fundamental to the angling float rod. In addition, there are a method of fishing with a float svimfider (swim-feeder), which is not certified for participation in sports in some countries.

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