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February 18th, 2016 Posted in News

Before I throw the receipt of the loan, I decided to call the bank (in the department of the debt). And a miracle: my money is NOT RECEIVED! Now I end up questioning the bank's employees about the circumstances of the incident. But two things happened – I made money on the expense of consumer credit, and at the expense of my non-existent (neither I nor my family has never seen) a credit card! That's the card's account was given to arrive in the mail receipts. I heard from an operator reproach of my carelessness when making the payment, which caused the problem, and an increase in debt in connection with penyami. Supposedly to blame. The operator sent to the representative of the bank to the store where I concluded a loan agreement, so I wrote an application to transfer money from one account to another.

I asked how I know you want my account number. You know what I heard in response? WRITE! Recorded, and thought that would rather get this number from the hands of the employee, SUDDENLY IT'S NOT MY ACCOUNT! And also listened to the proposal of the operator, it makes sense to pay the debt on the named account, having previously these took their money through an ATM! No way! I do not have the same card! Came into the store Technosila, spoke to bank employees. The result: a) a representative of the bank has no forms to transfer funds, and b) a representative of the bank not can print a number of my account, and c) a bank representative at the store did not know any state of my accounts, nor how many of them I, d) a bank representative said that the debt on the map to 300 rubles, says that my card is activated.

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