As Bolivia Can Help Obama

August 19th, 2012 Posted in News

How can Bolivia help Obama? Buenos Aires, Argentina 12 of February of 2009 lithium is a hope for Bolivia and the world. Evo Morales The world is changing quickly and those changes represent great opportunities for those who have the capacity and/or the resources to take advantage of these changes. The automotive industry is crossing one of his harder crisis in its history, and the exit of the same will also imply great changes. The present crisis has demonstrated the fragility of the automotive sector not only as far as their inefficiency in the production in the developed economies but also in their vulnerability against great increases in the price of fuels. It is for that reason that the automotive sector will have to face a new stage where the challenge is to generate a radical change in its structure of production and where the new models of automobiles obtain the greater possible efficiency in the power consumption.

In this search of the efficiency, the sector has realised advances in incorporation of new power plants. It is deriving in the development of the concept of electrical car that not only appears like an attractive proposal as far as the possibility of using an alternative power resource to petroleum but also by his low pollution level. In this advance towards the development of the electrical cars, the automotive ones are focusing in lithium carbonate, the mineral that at the moment is used for the batteries of personal computers and cellular. There the lithium batteries can concentrate a great amount of energy in little volume and its great valuation. Several of main the automotive ones are already working in the development of the new electrical cars. General Motors (NYSE: GM), by case, included a lithium battery in its hybrid model Volt. Another example presents/displays Toyota (NYSE: METRIC TON), that is trying to incorporate a lithium battery in its next generation of hybrid automobiles Prius.


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