Arabic Oils

July 2nd, 2013 Posted in News

Nature provides us with plants to heal us.The aromatherapy resorts to the use of the properties of plants, through essential oils obtained from processing.Aroma means pleasant odor, fragrance and therapy is the treatment to cure.Until they know the fascinating world of modern aromatherapy; Let’s make a little history.Its use dates to approximately 3500 years before Christ and was used as a healing of the body, (healing, protective) element of evil spirits and in various ritualsIt was common that before a fight warriors clean up their bodies with blows of branch of albhaca, to ward off evil spirits.The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese have contributed to the development of aromatherapy worldwide.In Rome to heal the wounded they were resorting to certain herbs, they were treatments transmitted from parents to children, in which mixing something of witchcraft.Grumbled about the patient strange formulas, and bad luck as he thought, obedient to the incantation was leaving. As in Rome, there were no pharmacies, the preparation of remedies went into the essential functions of the physician, as now happens in the homeopathic medicine; the more akin to ancient medicine.Regarding the prescription of the cure, the doctor had absolute freedom; instead on Egyptian medicine your doctor could not prescribe a treatment until after four days of experimentation.The Greeks took the Egyptian experiences, and how great alchemists, purified the distillation system preserving fragrance and purity of the oils, since for them the aromatic plants were a way of life that incorporabana their bathrooms, food, rites and magic; or in the form of ointment to preserve physical and mental health. The father of medicine Hippocrates, stated that bath and massages with essential oils, assuring the longevity.In the xI century the Arabs perfected the art of distillation to isolate active ingredients from plant oils, attributing to Avicenna, physician, astronomer, mathematician and Arabic philosopher), who introduced the system of refrigeration in the distillation process.With this discovery, the process of extraction of essential oils had less waste and greater strength.Aromatherapy starts in the modern world, when in the century XX Rene Maurice Gatefosse (French chemist), known as the father of modern aromatherapy incorporates it into natural medicine; as a result of severe burns suffered in one of his hands, which dipped in a bowl of lavender essential oil, checking the healing effects, soothing pain and avoiding infection without scars. Dr. Milan Paolo Rovesti, took away the anxiety and depressive States doing to their patients smell cotton soaked in essential oil.

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