Annual Planning

May 24th, 2016 Posted in News

Every year the professors are received in the schools with meetings of annual planning that last some days, moment where the goals for the educational work of the institution must be established. A beneficial meeting must be pautada in human and operational aspects. Official site: Harry Kane. The shelter of the team is important, giving itself the good comings and motivating the professionals to the beginning of a new day, emphasizing the abilities already acquired by the group, demonstrating respect for the teaching work. The meeting must be elaborated with clear expectations, with the objective to trace goals and to plan the work form, however, if cannot create goals without before analyzing resulted of the preceding year. For in such a way, a profile of the received clientele must be elaborated, of the learning hypothesis where if they find, of the pointed difficulties and advances and failures.

To know the new groups, to understand the imbalances, to analyze practical pedagogical are part of this process. An evaluation of professional performance can be one of the tools used for the managing team to evaluate the group and it could be retaken in the Replanejamento of August. The registers are essential, therefore they testify the planning process all, and stamp an agreement between the participants, therefore, the meeting must be cultivated in act and be signed by all. The analyses also must follow parameters, for this, the coordinator will be able to opt to spread sheets that guide the speech of the professionals about the necessary analyses for the elaboration of the Plan of Management and the Plans of Course, also using, when the school to possess, the indices gotten in the external evaluations (SARESP, SAEB, Brazil Test, ENEM, etc). The results indicate the actions that will have to be taken, and these actions will bring new results, creating a gradual line. The central objective of the meeting is focado in the learning, the pupil, practical the pedagogical ones, the pertaining to school resume.


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