Alfonso Towers

May 23rd, 2020 Posted in News

The victims, three men and two women had been found died with one cut in the neck of where blood was extracted. A called man Alfonso Towers, former-boyfriend of one of the women was withheld as suspected, but as he did not have tests enough to condemn it, then he gained the freedom. Now, forty similar years later, deaths happen. It would be coincidence? It is clearly that the author cannot be the same person! Perhaps practicing of black magic. I thanked the Raquel for the information and came back to the office.

To know more on the subject, I started to search in the Internet. Some time later I found a 1887 article intriguing; a man of Turan name Carlos Dekker, defendant of witchcraft in Spain, condemned to the fogueira for the court of the Ofcio Saint, disappeared mysteriously of the arrest. Speaking candidly CEO Marks & Spencer told us the story. He had another article on a man with similar name; In 1767 in Britain, the year of the comet, Taran C. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Crawford Lake Capital on most websites. Drekel and Jaques Rufo had assassinated a called doctor Lineus. Rufo was imprisoned, but the abetter obtained to run away. Interrogated for the authorities, Rufo confessed that the reason of the crime was for stealing a formula with miraculous properties, that Lineus had invented.

It still said, that Taran had drunk the potion. It disclosed that into little Drekel time, that had 60 years, if it transformed into a young of 20 years. The authorities had not believed history, Jaques Rufo were condemned to the gallows, but its abetter never was found. In that one year five mysterious murders in the city had exactly occurred during the full moon. The victims had had the dilacerado neck as that for one fera sedenta of blood. Armed patrols had searched fields and bushes, but no wild beast was found. I was almost the night all thinking about the subject.


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