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November 25th, 2015 Posted in News

Given that the air conditioner is controlled, the work of cabinet air conditioners provides tremendous opportunity to eliminate hot spots in server room. Instill an impression of power and precision air-conditioners of this type. They range from 4 kW to 100 kW, thus being a good solution for server room very different configuration. Main their purpose – medium and large server rooms. Air Conditioners Outdoor (monoblocks) Conditioners outdoor-oriented tasks such as cooling containers nodes remote access, because such equipment requires a high cooling capacity at low free volume inside the container. Such precision air conditioners can be mounted on the outer wall of the container, and can provide cooling capacity up to 10-14 kW! Typical application – communications and telecommunications, base station equipment. Can be applied and in other places inside the building just is not possible to accommodate air conditioning. Monoblock air conditioners for containers (internal installation) These air conditioners are designed for cooling of various volumes of telecommunications equipment.

Several different models have the ability to feed and fence air, up to simulate the raised floor (which, in principle, the container is quite simply remarkable feature). Air-conditioners of this type can be mounted on rails in the racks on the doors of containers and rooms. Cooling capacity of air conditioners is 1 -15 kW. Precision air-conditioners of this type have a small record sizes for very high performance, which significantly saves valuable area of the customer. Ceiling air conditioners (split system).

Another option for precision air-conditioners are the models mounted on the ceiling. High performance and efficiency of such air conditioners is achieved by effective delivery and distribution of indoor air, use of special technologies, such as the function of "free cooling" and many others. Indeed, if the unit will take the hot air from the ceiling of the room and serve chilled air down to the racks with the cooling equipment, it is easy to realize the situation when the flow of hot and cold air will move, little mixing. For example, if the server room is a series of equipment racks, the cold air can be supplied to each second pass between these rows. Then in the remaining passages will be raised to the ceiling hot exhaust air passing through your equipment. In this implementation of hot and cold streams moving in different aisles, and not mixed with each other, which obviously saves a lot of energy and greatly increases efficiency of air conditioning. Advantage of such air conditioners is that they do not occupy space on the floor of a server or other premises. Therefore, even in today's compactness and density equipment in technical areas, you can use them to divert excess heat. Of course, if you have not taken your equipment and the ceiling! As the curtain As was previously at the Union – a shirt style, cars one or two brands, and each had to "adjust" themselves to the common standard. Today you can build your business, not fitting him under the parameters of a climate technology – and choose any style and design of precision conditioner, which is to your liking.


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