Advertising Coalition Kiev

September 24th, 2015 Posted in News

However, this does not confirmed nor denied the executive director of the "All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition," Maxim Lazebnik. "I have no facts and evidence on this subject can not provide, ask the publishers if they are introduced into deception advertisers or not, "- said Maxim Lazebnik. In this case, according to sources, in some cases the actual circulation may take up to 50% from those stated, if not less. For its part, the publishers deny this information and claim that the alleged circulation of untrue. As head of external communications of the Kiev Media Holding Peter Shcherbina, rumors of improper circulation do not apply to publications appearing in CMC. For example, the circulation of the newspaper "RIO", a member of the CMC, is really 1mln.100 thousand copies.

Denied rumors about unrealistic circulation and other newspapers that are considered market leaders – "Kiev on the palms," "Misto plus" and "people of Kiev." But chapter of the Association of Young Political Scientists of Ukraine Ruslan Tkach says that these are publications with advertisers in the overstatement of circulation. Nevertheless, experts and market themselves in the capital residents complilations "Besplatki" get in the mail, not all people of Kiev. A track how many are actually distributed by courier newspapers at subway stations, it is extremely difficult. As the director of the PR-agency Media Brand Valeria Shirshakova, many market participants free advertising and information media not only overestimate their circulation, but insufficient attention to attach its own courier network. "Before the election, October 31, 2010 the presence of a strong network of express important than ever earlier.


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